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It is extremely unlikely that TNG is going to be remastered. They've already stated that the costs to have it done would far outweigh the returns, so it's not viable for them to do it. And quite frankly, there's only a few TNG episodes that it would benefit from anyway, so there's no point in doing it to begin with.
Agree, I would like perhaps a remastered version with Cause and Effect, Best of Both Worlds, Q who? Aquiel- the alien at the end. If I say the only if I had to choose to redo would just be the ship shots at least the ones with ship to ship battles. I love TNG, I would just hate to see this series no to get the same or similar treatment like TOS
There are only three episodes I'd like to see remastered: BoBW, Unification, and Redemption, because those were the episodes that had the most amount of ships in a scene. I could care less about anything else.
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