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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

The nu generation of readers? Or the nu generation or writers?

Half way through this bullshit, Dark Reign needs to be spitting out a book called "Norman Osborn clubs Puppies." But that's already effectively Thunderbolts anyway, ad now Dark Avengers too since he's also the Iron Patriot. They are planning on making enough buzz that there will be a new demand for these characters, and maybe there even will.

Did Bendis call Reed a pussy for only writing one book a month? Bendis writes 12, so he can call anyone out there fussing to only write one book a tiny kitten playing with yarn as much as he wont to... What are the odds of Carol spinning off into a new bookalso written by Brian Reed? karla's just picking up the husk of her sloppy seconds. That's less insulting right? Binary is a shit name, it screams computers more than a type of star system where she got her powers... Although I thought she got her powers from a white hole? Warbird is horrendous too. Novah needs to die or wander off and Carol becomes Captain Marvel.
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