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Re: Remember the good ole weeknights when TNT aired B5 reruns at 7:PM?

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You know what still bugs me? One of the first B5 episodes I ever saw was, probably, "The Long Night". At any rate it ended with a bit fleet on the move, and I'm fairly sure the "next time on" promo was for "Into the Fire".

But what's really strange is that I *clearly* recall that fleet on the move entering a massive hyperspace jumppoint. Which of course isn't in the episode.....?
Not too strange. It's highly possible that the scene was rendered and then cut for time. It's also possible that it was from another episode, too. TNT tended to do that a fair amount. I notice that in the TNT promo for "The Long Night" there's a shot of lots and lots of White Stars emerging from a jump point. Could that have been it?

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