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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

Well iniative is on the gag. it seems that carol did give her old costume to Ultra girl after all, but Osborns lawyers just enjoined her from wearing it. When did Ultra get that costume? She looked great. but then, that's the nature of cosplay, that anyone looks "the same" when being enhanced by the same costume... o Ultra is going to kick Moonstones ass?

That Uniform is standard Kree Military issue right? That kinda means that no humans can really hold the rights to it? Silly Norman.

No one knows who Ms Marvel is. They had to do a press release this early to build momentum, because no one most certainly knows who Moonstone is tenfold more so than Carol.

Carol will come back, but we'll think she's dead for a coulpe months... but then if the book sells better with Moonstone in the title role? maybe the marketing people will veto Carols return?
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