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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

finally got ASD on Thursday, and read it over the weekend (Alas, Sunday is a workday here in Israel )...

As a fan of KRAD's work in general and especially AoTF, his was the Post-Destiny novel I waited for the most, with its large scope and large cast of characters, and to start from the bottom line - KRAD delivered .

I loved the various threads, both in the aftermath of Destiny and both those setting up future threads and facets of the 2009/2010 meta-story, and the way it all came together in the end especially

All in all, I'd give ASD a solid 4.5/5.

What kept it from becoming one of my all-time favorites (as AoTF had become), was (IMO only, of course) the lack of dramatic tension in climax of the Aventine thread.

Also, The novel set up a fundemental change in the political landscape of the AQ/BQ, but it felt as though the "severity" of the situation was just touched upon and left for future novels. I found the epilogue unneeded, and I'd have preferred to end the novel with

Just to be clear, I think ASD is one of the better Trek novels of the past 2 years, and I hope the next post-Destiny novels make use of the developments set up in it.

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