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January Writing Challenge--Vote!!!

All right, are your choices for January. Vote for your two favorites!

CeJay: I'll Never Look Into Your Eyes Again
Nerys Ghemor: Exits in the Haze
Kaziarl: I Will Proudly Take a Stand
Hoshi_Mayweather: Headache
Mistral: Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon
trampledamage: It's Four in the Morning
SLWatson: Across the Road
TimmyWI: St. Peter

The challenge:

The new challenge is to write a Trek fanfic inspired by a song with lyrics that has NOT appeared in a Star Trek movie or show.

Here's an example (but I'm going to break rule #1, so I don't steal anybody's ideas by accident). Let's say you picked a song...oh..."Faith of the Heart."

Your job would be to write a story based on what that song makes you picture, feel, so on. The degree to which you incorporate lyrics and so on is up to you, but there should be some sort of connection between the song and your story even if just general theme/emotion.

Your story's title, however, must come from the song's lyrics (not the title of the song). In the example, "Faith of the Heart" wouldn't be a valid title--but "Strength of the Soul" would be.

Please, if at all possible, provide us a link to listen to the song. YouTube tends to be a very good source. If you can't find your song, then at least a link to the lyrics is required. (Both if at all possible.) Non-English lyrics are OK, but we'll need a translation if you go that route.

I'm going to give some extra leeway on length (we'll call it 5000 words), because I know some songs can really inspire a lot. Whether you use that additional length, however, is entirely up to you.
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