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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

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By the way, where was Lana staying? That looked like Chloe's apartment. Did it suddenly become Lana's?
The apartment above the Talon is home to not only Chloe and Jimmy, Lois was still living there (although she did say she was looking for a new place, but we haven't seen it yet, and then she went off to Star City with Jimmy in "Bride"), and now Lana is there with furniture of her own it seems. Lots of people for what appears to be a pretty small studio apartment.

The Kent Farm has become the reverse to that scenario. Clark now lives there all alone and the farm seems as well tended as ever even though he is now working at the Planet. Now, it is conceivable that he does his farm chores at super speed in the blink of an eye (aside from milking the cows that is), but it still seems odd. I know he lent the back 40 to a neighboring farm, but there was a lot more to it than just the back 40.
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