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Re: Constellation class

Not bad, a few things though.

1) I'm pretty sure the torpedo launchers should be at the extremes of the nacelle struts (where you have the orange strip on the upper one). The ones on the model don't precisely match those found on the refit Enterprise, but there do seem to be tube openings there.

2) The impulse engines shouldn't cross through the centerline, and should run vertically in the two 'blocks' to either side of the rear section. Also, according to an article written for the Star Trek: Magazine a few years back, the antimatter pods should be stored basically where you show the impulse engine now, because they can be ejected out the back. (That article also had a cross section from forward. It can be found on Ex Astris here, down the page a bit.)

3) I blinked at the launch date of 2291. It seems a little early for a ship with a registry of NCC-9754. Maybe more like 2305?

Other than that, very nice.
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