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Re: List of Federation Members

Just enough time for a few quick responses....

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First off, presumably Cogley's reference to "Alpha III" is shorthand for some fuller name, possibly Alpha Centauri III. Second, Cogley wasn't citing Federation members, he was citing historical documents defining human rights. He also cited Hammurabi, but I don't think ancient Babylon was a Federation member.
But Earth is, and Cogley was citing historical precedents for Federation law. As such, it seemed a logical inference that he wouldn't cite historic law of a non-Federation world.

Arbaza - DS9: "The Forsaken"
Arbazan - STSC
Why are you treating these as different?
Probably because STSC called it "Arbazan," and, because of the sheer number of names I was dealing with, I didn't actually recognize that it's nearly identical to the planet from "The Forsaken" and thus more than likely the same world until you just pointed it out to me! Thanks.

I've seen it suggested that the Krios from "The Perfect Mate" was the Klingon subject world from "The Mind's Eye."
I'm told that A Singular Destiny features both Krioses and has one being a Federation Member and the other a Klingon subject world.

If you mean the Ktarians' homeworld, that's called Ktaris.
It was called Ktar in A Time for War, A Time for Peace. Possibly this is an Andor/Andoria thing?
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