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Re: List of Federation Members

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The list is based on a few key assumptions. To begin with, it assumes that if we see a member of the Federation Starfleet or an employee of the Federation government, then this person's species is probably a Federation Member unless otherwise stated.
I think that's a reckless assumption to make. We know of several Starfleet personnel who aren't from member worlds: Worf, Nog, all Starfleet Bajorans pre-2376, Tasha Yar (Turkana IV was a UFP protectorate, but not a member), and arguably Data (since there was no civilization of androids with a seat on the Federation Council). And Icheb was accepted into Starfleet Academy despite being from a world on the other side of the galaxy. So representation in Starfleet can't be taken as evidence of UFP membership, not by itself.

Algolia - TNG: "Q-Pid"
I don't think that's the right name. I'd assume that Algolians are meant to be from Algol.

Alpha - inference from TOS: "Court Martial"
First off, presumably Cogley's reference to "Alpha III" is shorthand for some fuller name, possibly Alpha Centauri III. Second, Cogley wasn't citing Federation members, he was citing historical documents defining human rights. He also cited Hammurabi, but I don't think ancient Babylon was a Federation member.

Alpha Proxima - The Brave and the Bold, Book II
Probably an alternate name for Proxima Centauri, which is part of the Alpha Centauri trinary and thus presumably part of the same member state.

Arbaza - DS9: "The Forsaken"
Arbazan - STSC
Why are you treating these as different?

Arcturus - The Entrophy Effect
Actually The Entropy Effect (no H) established Arcturus as a neutral world between Federation, Klingon, and Romulan territories. Which really doesn't make astronomical sense, seeing as how it's only 37 light-years from Earth. It was TMP that claimed the Arcturians as Federation members, though the portrayal of that species in behind-the-scenes material was rather implausible.

Aulac - Ex Machina
The name of the Aulacri's homeworld has not been established.

Camus - STSC
That's an odd one for SC to include, seeing as how Camus II was portrayed onscreen as a dead world whose only occupants were archaeologists.

Catulla - aka Cendo-Prae - TOS: "The Way to Eden;" Worlds of the Federation
We know that Catulla was not a UFP member as of "The Way to Eden." The Encyclopedia conjectured that they were applying for membership, but that's purely speculative.

Cerberus - STSC
In TAS, Cerberus was a colony. Presumably colonies don't count as distinct members. It's possible Cerberus could've grown to become a member world in the century since, but we have no evidence of that.

Krios - Shares name with a Klingon subject world - AotF
I've seen it suggested that the Krios from "The Perfect Mate" was the Klingon subject world from "The Mind's Eye."

Ktar - War/Peace
If you mean the Ktarians' homeworld, that's called Ktaris.

Megara - STSC
IIRC, the Megarites weren't Federation members as of Ex Machina. They could be a century later, though.

Ophiucus - STSC
Ophiuchus (there's where that extra H goes) is a whole constellation. "Mudd's Women" referred to a planet called Ophiuchus VII, but Harry Mudd may have been shortening a longer name. (And he mispronounced "Ophiuchus." It's "oafy ookus," not "Oh, fie, a cuss.")
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