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Re: Abrams On 'Star Trek' Vs. 'Star Wars'

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The last few Star Wars movies got it right? Huh. I must have been watching a different set of movies. They were so stock full of flashy CGI it was smothering. Like watching someone play a videogame.
You're either deluded or just an out and out moron. Star Wars is the single most successful franchise of all time. Star Wars rules film, television, comics, novels, toys etc and pulls in billions year after year after year. There isn't a franchise on the planet that couldn't stand to learn a lesson from Star Wars. Whether or not you personally liked the PT is irrelevant. It made all the other major franchise of the last decade look very second rate. Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter. Popular all. But not the phenoms that Star Wars was. There isn't one person involved in those series that wouldn't want their franchises to have one billionth of Star Wars popularity.

I also have to say that if you thought the CGI was smothering that you might want to take a little ridalin. It might have helped you focus on the deeply textured, comples and beautiful story that the PT told.

I suppose your opinion is no surprise. The TrekBBS has never been a bastion of original thought but rather a collection of like minds proceeding with minds that are sealed shut by the the screaming sheeplike voices of internet culture.
Very nice troll, A+!
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