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List of Federation Members

Hola all!

So, because I'm a dork and have a love of lists that almost matches that of our esteemed KRAD, I decided to go ahead and make a list of Federation Member States. I've been working on it for a while. Right now, the number clocks in at 153 -- just slightly below the 155 number established in Articles of the Federation.

The list is based on a few key assumptions. To begin with, it assumes that if we see a member of the Federation Starfleet or an employee of the Federation government, then this person's species is probably a Federation Member unless otherwise stated. It's also based on the assumption that *most* of the Federation Member worlds listed in Star Trek: Star Charts are accurate. Because of some wildly contradictory information out there about the aliens seen on the Federation Council in ST4 that background material is in general not be accepted, and those species presumed to be from some of the numerous Federation Members that Star Charts establishes but does not assign a species to. I used as many worlds from the Memory Alpha and Beta resources as I could, and got much of my information from them.

Special note on Rigel: This list presumes that the various worlds in the Rigel system, described as being unified as the United Rigel Colonies in Star Charts, are all part of a single Federation Member State, the United Rigel Colonies, commonly referred


AotF - Articles of the Federation
TTN - Star Trek: Titan series
STSC - Star Trek: Star Charts

When known, formal names and notes are included.

Earth - United Earth - Founding Member - AotF
Vulcan - Confederacy of Vulcan - Founding Member - AotF
Andor - Andorian Empire - Founding Member - AotF
Tellar - Unknown - Founding Member - AotF
Alpha Centauri - Unknown - Founding Member - AotF
Aaamazzara - STSC
Ajilon - STSC
Albireo - STSC
Algolia - TNG: "Q-Pid"
Alonis - Mission Gamma I
Alpha - inference from TOS: "Court Martial"
Alpha Proxima - The Brave and the Bold, Book II
Antede - AotF
Antos - STSC, Garth of Izar
Arbaza - DS9: "The Forsaken"
Arbazan - STSC
Arcturus - The Entrophy Effect
Ardana - TOS: "The Cloud Miners", AotF
Argelius - TOS: "Wolf in the Fold"
Argo - Homeworld of Aquans - A Singular Destiny, TAS
Arkaria - TNG: "Starship Mine"
Arken - inference from TTN
Atrea - TNG: "Inheritance," SCE: Wildfire
Aulac - Ex Machina
Aurelia - Yeasteryear TAS
Axanar - TNG: "Whom Gods Destroy," ENT, et al
Bajor - Republic of Bajor (est. STSC) - DS9 novel: Unity
Barradyne - STSC
Benzar - AotF, DS9
Berellia - inference AOTF, Destiny I
Beta Renner - STSC
Betazed - DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight"
Betelgeuse - STSC
Bolarus - ATTK
Bre'el - AotF
Buran - TNG: The Death of Princes
Bynaus - Native Name: 101100010100110 - TNG: "11001001;" SCE: 10 Is Better Than 01
Cairn - AotF
Cait - AotF
Caldik - STSC
Caldos - STSC
Camus - STSC
Candelar - TLE: Deny Thy Father
Catulla - aka Cendo-Prae - TOS: "The Way to Eden;" Worlds of the Federation
Cerberus - STSC
Cestus - ATfWATfP
Coridan - People's Republic of Coridan (est. STSC) - TNG: "Sarek," AotF
Cygnet - STSC
Damiano - TNG comic: "Perchance to Dream;" AotF
Deddrai - Starfleet: Year One
Delb - inference TNG: "The Drumhead"
Delta - Deltan Union (established STSC) - AotF
Delta Sigma - AOTF
Deneb Kaitos - Commonwealth of Denebia - ST:SC
Deneva - Exterminated 2381 - AotF; Destiny III
Denobula Triaxa - Inference from Summon the Thunder, The Sundered, A Singular Destiny
Djana - TOS novel: The Lost Years
Eeiauo - TOS novel: "Uhura's Song"
Efros - ST6
Enif - STSC
Epsilon Pavonis - STSC
Evora - AotF; SCE: Past Life
Galakhi - TOS novel: The Lost Years
Galen - STSC
Gemworld - TTN; TNG novel: Gemworld
Gnala - AOTF
Goren - STSC
Grilasdixraksirvek - aka Antares - War/Peace
Gullrey - TOS novel: The Great Starship Race
Hakton - STSC
Halii - inf TNG: "Aquiel"
Hamal - TOS novel: The Wounded Sky
Hanolan - STSC
Hermat - AotF
Huan - AotF
Inferna - STSC
Ithen - "Journey to Babel"
Izar - ST:SC; ATTH
Janus - AotF
Jilon - STSC
Jotunheim - TOS novel: From the Depths
Kaleb - STSC
Kazar - Presumption: TMP, TNN
Kerovi - VOY novel: Old Wounds
Klaestron - STSC
Koa - AotF
Kobheeria - DS9: "Duet," "Second Skin"
Korvat - Destiny I, STSC
Krios - Shares name with a Klingon subject world - AotF
Ktar - War/Peace
Lembatta - AotF
Lorillia - STSC
Makkus - NF: Excalibur
Mars - United Martian Colonies - Section 31: Rouge; Genesis Wave I
Medusa - TOS: "Is There No Truth in Beauty?", A Time to Be Born
Megara - STSC
Menk - Commonwealth of Menk and Valkis - ST:SC
Merak - STSC
Mestiko - inference from Mere Anrchy; Insolence of Office
Mira - STSC
Napea - inf TNG: "Eye of the Beholder"
Nasat - AotF, SCE
Nehru - STSC
Ona - aka Ontail - ATT Be Born
Ophiucus - STSC
Oriki - Vulcan's Heart
Osadj - SF:Y1
Pacifica - inference from TTN, TNG: "Conspiracy"
Pahkwa-thanh - inference from TTN I
Pandril - AotF
Pangea - inference from AotF, W/P, A Singular Destiny
Peliar Zel - TNG: "The Host"
Penthara - STSC
Penzatti - TNG novel Vendetta
Pree' - STSC
Qualor - STSC
Ramatis - Destiny I (exterminated)
Regulus - "Fascination;" inference from Destiny III
Rhaandarel - Ex Machina
Rigel - United Rigel Colonies - AotF
Risa - Risian Hedony - TNG: "Captain's Holiday;" ST:SC
Ronara - STSC
S'ti'ach'aas - TTN: Orion's Hounds
Saltok - STSC
Sauria - ATT Kill; Greater Than the Sum
Selene - TTN: Sword of Damocles
Sigma Iotia - aka Oxmyx - SCE: Fables of the Prime Directive
Skorr - TTN: Presumed
Ssan - TOS n: Shadows on the Sun
Sulamid - AotF
Ta'Trosha - Exiles
Talos - inference from Burning Dreams
Teneebia - STSC
Tessen - STSC
Tiburon - AotF
Triex - AotF
Trill - AotF; Trill Unjoined
Tyrellia - STSC
Ullia - S31: Rogue
Umoth - STSC
Valzhan - Where Time Stands Still
Vemla - Spartacus
Verdanis - STSC
Vestios - Burning Dreams
Vobilin - SF:Y1, ST New Worlds
Vorgon - Exiles
Zakdorn - AotF
Zalda - AotF
Zaran - STSC
Zibalia - inference from Destiny I

Let me know if you find something wrong!
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