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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

Never commented so I thought I would...

I was disappointed by the book. Maybe it was the hype heaved on it beforehand but I didn't think it was all that enjoyable. I didn't care at all for the plight of Riker and Troi or even Picard and co. Too many unfamiliar characters for me to really care since I haven't read anything in the post TNG era apart from the DS9 relaunch. In fact only Tuvok got my interest in the Titan section due to the fact he was one of the few Voyager characters I found interesting. I was interested to see the stellar cartography character on the Titan was from DS9, but not really enough to read any of the Titan back story relating to her or Tuvok. Riker and Troi were among my least favourites from TNG.

Ezri Dax as a captain was mildly interesting but only so much as how she got to that point in relation to where the DS9 relaunch was at that point. Once again Ezri was not one of my favourite characters from DS9. Worf on the other hand was one of my favourite characters on DS9 so his parts were somewhat interesting.

I guess my enjoyment of the series has suffered from my lack of involvment with the TNG relaunch (A Time to series, Before Dishonour, The Sum of, etc) and the Titan series. Plus my limited viewing of Enterprise and not reading any ENT literature could be a factor but I found the first book to be underwhelming. The Ranger's defense of Khitomer was probably my high point

In the end I gave it an average.
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