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Re: Abrams On 'Star Trek' Vs. 'Star Wars'

Star Wars was fun and rollicking when it first came out (the first two movies back in the 70s/80s.) The special effects were cool and the characters likeable and engaging.

The third movie (now titled VI I guess,) was nominal. It was too cutesy. The teddy bear dudes just screamed marketing. Although - Luke finally grew up and to this (at the time) young woman, was hot.

The latest three movies SUCKED. Anakin was thoroughly unlikeable. Jar Jar, unlike the original Star Wars droids C3PO and what's-his-face, was plain annoying. I could never buy the romance of Anakin and the older girl (which created Luke and Leia.)

Star Wars went backwards, IMO. I was a huge fan of the franchise, to the point that I went the day after I got out of hospital to see the third movie. But even though I dutifully watched the next three movies (none in the theater,) they left me cold.

I understand that Abrams prefers Star Wars. To each, their own, you know? But given the direction SW took, I sure hope he's not headed that way. Trek's characters made up for sometimes clunky stories and less than top-notch special effects. I loved Kirk-Spock-McCoy just as I loved Han-Leia-Luke. The rest was just window-dressing. Special effects means jack if the characters are off. Ask those who saw the first Star Trek movie.

I know that TPTB are aiming for a younger audience. That makes sense and the audience must grow if the franchise is to survive. I hope though that they don't take away what made Trek special. I don't WANT Trek to be "Star War-ish" and I don't want it to be like other sheeple popular stuff. If it turns into that, it will no longer be Trek.

I have my fingers crossed. I can't go by the gushing, that is done before each new series/movie. I can only wait until the end credits roll on the new movie to know if Abrams et al got it. The casting seems to be good and I'm hopeful. Cautiously optimistic.
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