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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x13: "The Oath"

I was lamenting that last week's episode was a tad underwhelmig especially for an episode in the final ten episode stretch of the series(which I still assert is the case even moreso after this outing) but this episode thankfully righted that problem quite nicely. It wasn't quite an excellent but given the other option is Above average I elected to vote Excellent in the poll.

It definitely was an exciting pulse-pounding event episode that hopefully means from here on out we will be treated to a series of episodes that will be as exciting and finally start pulling the series' outstanding threads together. It had the feel of the writers gearing up and pulling out all the stops. If they can capitalize on this I predict we are in for a real treat.

The mutiny itself was wonderfully done. I appreciated the various details. The comm officer is the perfect position to be in on a ship. And while I've been underwhelmed by Baltar's cult it did cough up the contribution of providing the wireless comm for Roslin to deliver her plea to the fleet and you had to love the look on Gaeta's face when Roslin's voice takes over the comm line.

I loved seeing the two old codgers kick the marines' asses quite handily. It was just one of several stand-up and cheer moments along with Roslin re-emerging when so much was on the line. She wasn't about to stand around. I also loved the moment Starbuck comes to save Lee in the hangar bay. For once, her craziness was being channeled in a worthwhile way towards the mutineers rather than into some melodramatic angst.

For a minute, I thought Baltar was calling Gaeta to make a deal--his life for ratting out Adama, Roslin et al. Afterall, in an earlier scene he was so consumed by concern for his well-being, rightly so given his collaboration on New Caprica with the Cylons, that he could care less about his followers and was just ready to get the hell out of there.
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