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Agent Richard07
Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x13: "The Oath"

That was intense. It was also an easy excellent about 17 minutes into the show. You people were right. Last week's episode was a build-up to something great.

Now for a few points and observations...

- I've been watching a new show called Lie to Me. It's about a team of investigators who use facial cues to detect lies and while watching that show, I feel like I've learned a thing or two. Well, When Baltar told one of his concubines that he didn't want to leave her, I noticed a brief and subtle facial cue that suggested that he was lying. I thought that was interesting. Good on James Callis for that.

- Watching Bill and Laura kiss in front of everyone was just as intense as the action going on.

- I know our people will be back next week, but while watching, I could really believe that everyone was screwed big time. This is the kind of episode that the show's detractor's should watch. I think this was one of BSG's finest hours.
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