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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x13: "The Oath"

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It's hard to sympathize with anyone in this situation. Adama and Roslin have been ineffective leaders, misleading their people for "the greater good." Turns out the greater good was a lie. Zarek is an opportunist, and Gaeta is bitter and personally motivated, too. They may have a point, but the next question is, how can they do better than Roslin and Adama?
They were NOT misleading their people. They weren't wrong, Earth does exist, it just isn't what they thought it would be. They had to set a course somewhere, and at the time Earth was their best hope. It still might very much be, there is a lot they don't understand about it, like why everyone there were all Cylon. If nothing else, they are learning a lot more about their past, and how this all came to be. Through that learning, they can build a better future.
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