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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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In a city less than 100 miles away from where I live there's a person close to the same age as me. The freaky thing is that this person's mother is also the name of my mother -- although they are two separate people.

How anti-climatic would it be if the two shocking casualty deaths were people that just happened to have the names as major characters? I mean, it's a big quadrant and all.
In real life, things like that happen fairly frequently, but as a dramatic device it would be entirely stupid for an author to consider. I can guarantee that isn't the case.
Oh, it's super stupid, and that's why I find it amusing. I'll elaborate:

Character X gets a transmission and opens channels.

"Character X...All we found of Character Y was her left-secondary wing. Now there's some options on what you can -- huh? Character Y doesn't have wings and is male? Are you sure? I see. *Sigh.* Well, sorry to bother you. Somewhere out there, though, someone has lost a loved one named Character Y and it's the Federation's duty to contact them. Good bye. Okay Frankie, let's try the next Family XY on the list -- "

(Space Dial Phone sound + image. Sound is drowned out by an angry mob of Trek-Lit fans assaulting the wise-ass writer.)
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