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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

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I kinda liked it. Above Average. They had some nice ret-coning going on there, but I like how they played with one of the huge "wtf" moments with how the hell did Lana get a camera and make a video so damn quick from waking up after a coma.
It really didn't need explaining. A lot of personal computers come equipped with cameras these days and DVD burners are pretty common and cheap. My iMac has it all built-in right off the shelf, software and all, and it is three years old. It didn't stretch my imagination to think that there was a computer there at the asylum somewhere that was able to do the same. Hardly a "huge 'wtf' moment". For me it was more of a "She's gone! She's gone! Ya-hooo! She's finally gone!" moment. Particularly with Lois walking in right after Clark first watched it and he fell right into her arms.
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