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Re: R2 S4.5 "Final Season" DVDs (

The R2 sets are marginally better than the R2 releases for The Dead Zone and Numb3rs. All of which have loads of extras on the R1 discs, and none on the R2 sets. At least with the BSG releases, there are SOME extras. Fair to say that they could be a lot better though.

I used to get pretty pissed off with this, but then I remembered that I rarely watch any of the extras anyway. The extended episodes aside, I'm not that bothered about anything other than getting the episodes in DVD quality.

I'll get this release, but anyone who needs a lot of the sets should probably wait a while. I remember when Season 3 came out, it was about 40. A week or two later they brought out the Seasons 1-3 set for about 45.
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