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Re: The Doomsday Machine: Where's Uhura?

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I cannot remember, was any attempt made to communicate with the DM ever made?

If not, maybe they didn't want any viewer to ask; why don't they just ask it to stop what it's doing? by sweeping the communications officer out of sight.
A few lines fairly early on:
SPOCK: Unable to raise Starfleet Command due to heavy subspace interference.
SPOCK [OC]: No evidence of life, subspace interference level incredibly high.
KIRK [OC]: Kirk here.
SPOCK: Captain, we've been attacked. The transporter is damaged. We're taking evasive action.
PALMER: Mister Spock, communication's damaged. We're unable to override interference.
[Constellation Auxiliary Control]
SPOCK [OC]: Damage in communications, Captain. Interference will (static)
KIRK: Spock? Spock? Come in, Spock. Spock? We're stuck, blind, and deaf.
and further references to interference throughout seem to have the effect of reducing the communications officer's role to that of a local switchboard operator. Perhaps someone suggested that this would be a good time for Nichols to take a week off?
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