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Dick Whitman
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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

I agree the show should end.

Its so schizophrenic. These writers only seem to have a hand full of ideas for each of these characters. So they are rotating back and forth between those. Not that their potential is limited to what these writers can think up. Of course not! But its what we are stuck with for this show.

I can understand wanting more episodes with Lois. I agree. But its seems TPTB have done all the Lois episodes they had ideas for. We would be just as frustrated if she was in episodes she served no purpose.

The idea of a perfect season 9 is unrealistic. This show has never been consistent in quality. Plus the fact that they STILL don't seem to have a endgame in mind. They are just spinning their wheels.
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