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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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You're still not listening. I'm not saying the Queen is incapable of emotion.
I misunderstood that, and apologize for that misunderstanding. In particular, your argument that it was anthropomorphizing the Borg to attribute malice to them was one that I had thought was arguing that they weren't experiencing emotion (and in particular emotions such as sadism and malice); in quoting the passages above, my intent was to demonstrate that the Borg do experience pleasure from causing harm to other beings.

I'm saying that just because she professes a certain emotion, you can't assume she's telling the truth about what her real motivation is. That goes for any person in any context, regardless of whether they're Borg, human, anything.
In certain contexts I would agree that the possibility that she is lying is greatly increased -- such as when she's trying to persuade Data to join the Collective and give them the Enterprise computer codes in First Contact, or when she's trying to persuade Seven of Nine into rejoining the Collective in "Dark Frontier."

In other contexts, I'm of the opinion that the possibility that she is lying is negligible. There is no reason whatsoever to think that she was lying to Locutus about wanting him as an equal -- Locutus was already part of the Collective and absolutely loyal to her. She would have had no reason to lie to him. In addition, the amount of spite that she displayed towards Picard upon his entry into Engineering at the finale of First Contact is something that makes no sense -- she had nothing to try to take from him, no need to manipulate him in any way. The Queen's behavior only makes sense if she wished to cause him emotional harm by displaying Data's apparent betrayal in response to his refusal to willingly submit to her and become Locutus.
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