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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

Well, I finished the book last night.

As expected, I quite enjoyed it. I found the new character, Professor Sonek Pran, to be an incredibly fascinating addition to the "Articles" cast. I enjoyed the further development of the Aventine crew, most especially Bowers and Kedair. (Say, whatever happened to Leishman hitting on Geordi?) I'm a little dissapointed that we get no updates from the Bajor sector, but as that would at least partially reveal the fates of the DS9R cast, I suppose I understand why we didn't. Harrumph.

Overall, I think my favorite bits were actually the vignettes. The Captain's logs, the letters, the transcripts and the like. The one that affected me the most was the suicide note. Kudos, KRAD, for putting a very human face on such massive tragedy. That was very well done.

As for that casualty list? I beleive the phrase "magnificent bastard" has been tossed around - and it's well-earned.

And... the Typhon Pact. I always, always wondered why something like this had never happened before, and I very much look forward to seeing where it goes. Honestly, I hope it doesn't lead to another war because... well, been there, done that. But still... should be fun.

Overall, KRAD, great work. I now eagerly await Over a Torrent Sea and Losing the Peace.
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