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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

Next week it looks like Fake Lex Luthor or "Flex" Luthor.

Tess: "Didn't you wonder how Lana got access to a video camera right after coming out of a coma?

Clark: "I thought a wizard did it."

Someplace grimey,

Lana: "I'm so out of control, I'll cut my hair in bad lighting using a straight razor...and somehow it won't look like total shit."

Much later,

Tess: "Oh, yeah, looks like the glaringly memorable necklace my security guy, who happens to be at Luthor Mansion, wears."

Clark: "Good, I haven't had a confrontation/ conversation in Luthor Mansion in the last 12 hours."

Later but months ago,

Guy: "I'm a retired teacher."

Lana: "Bullshit. I read the article about you in Soldier of Fortune. I want you to train me."

Guy: "Oh, you also saw my ad on"

Lana: "Not like that, you perv!"


Chloe: "Clark...don't you think...whatever...why do I bother? Just go save Lana for the 1,000,000th time."

Very secret lab,

Assistant: "This is dangerous."

Scientist: "Duh!"

Tess: "The script says I'm supposed to kill all of you."

Lana: "As if! I got power, girl!"

Daily Planet early morning,

Nobody: "Hey, Clark what did ya do, spend all night here looking internet porn?"

Clark (to himself): "Wow, that Richard White sure is an ass."

Obligatory roof top scene,

Clark: "Lana, you had super powers before. It didn't end well."

Lana: "You mean when I had powers like you or when I was a vampire?."

Clark: "Uh...I can't remember. Everyone I know has had superpowers at somepoint. "

[Clark and Lana swap spit at ludicrous speed]
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