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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

Instead of bringing back Kristen for a handful of episodes to once again wrap up the Clana drama they should have just let things be with the video at the end of last season. As Clark pointed out...he's got his life moving towards the things he needs to be doing without her.

Oh about Tess...I never really thought she was meant to be a villian in the traditional sense so I guess that some of the things Lax typed about her are true. She is mainly there as a sort of supporting character for Clark really. They could have done some really cool things with her and I agree that they've stripped everything that they built up with her little girl talk with Lana. See...Lana is destroying all the good nature that this season has built up with her few but impactfull appearences this season! I'm really curious now about how she'll be leaving the show...obviously I'm guessing it won't be with the power suit on and that Clark will save her once again somehow and finally resolve their relationship. This is what we get when Erica is only signed for thirteen episodes! I also thought that Chloe was off to see Jimmy at Star City last episode? They didn't even mention why she hadn't left yet.
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