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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

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Man...all I can say is that trying to upload any sort of audio onto the Internet for free is horribly difficult!

But I'll e-mail you guys.
Hey, just wanted to check and see if the e-mail arrived intact! Robert--I used the same address that you listed for your AIM in your profile.

Also...bocot kiba'avzayn edek! I wanted to give you guys a link to the Cardăsda article I created over at the Star Trek Expanded Universe wiki. It has a complete lexicon of all words and phrases that have appeared in the works I've posted (though I still have to update it for "Exits in the Haze"), so that way if you're reading and hit a term you haven't seen in awhile or I just flat-out confuse you, you can look it up. As in the instance above.
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