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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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If anything, that line might be interpretted to suggest the story of Joseph had been dropped from Jewish and/or Christian teaching; I don't see how it could be twisted to mean there is no longer any Judeo-Christian tradition.
It seemed to me that wording suggested that humans "had religions", not "have religions". It's no matter.

KRAD's explanation is more than satisfactory to me. There's been occasions in the past (especially on TNG) where religion is treated as something that's pretty much just for babies and humans evolved beyond it. It's always made me a little sad because it just made Roddenberry and by extension Trek seem narrow. It was handled far better by the time of DS9, and that's a pattern that certainly seems to have continued with Trek Lit. I'm glad of that. I'd forgotten the example of Captain Gold. That's a good one.

Also, I enjoyed that bit Sonek said about how practically anything can be solved if people just talk about it enough, and on the plus side it means people get to live longer. I'm paraphrasing, need to look that up. It's about the simplest rationale for diplomacy I've heard in a while. Might have to steal that line to use in history class (I teach high school social studies).
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