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I would have to think that the MU Dominion is about the same as our universe's. Most of the MU Empires were changed by something that made things different from the 'standard' universe. We do not know of such an event taking place, either canonically or in the books.

Like MU Brg, the MU Dominion will remain an unknowable unresolvable mystery for the farseeable future, which I think is excellent

Very true about canon/continuity.There's NO depiction of MU Borg &/or Dominion in official ST canon/continuity.

Luckily that's left for everyone to ponder & hypothesize about ad infinitum

These things should become like The Derelict & Space Jockey(s) of the ALIEN(S) films.

Something unresolved in canon on-screen continuity, & hopefully stay that way.

All these things (MU & Dominion, Alien's SJs/Derelict, etc) must remain fuel for infinite speculations, fan films, theories, fanfix, comic boox, video games, books & novels

Some of life's are best left unsolved.
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