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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

I enjoyed the book a lot, but I caught one thing that bugged me a little. It was the way one character talked about the story of Joseph and how it used to be part of the mythology of two of Earth's biggest religions. In context both of the book and of Star Trek in general, one can infer that human religion is dead. Now I know you're in some ways confined to Gene Roddenberry's sandbox, and I know he was no friend of religion, but it's still annoying to read.

I'm religious myself. Religion of some kind or another is a huge part of the lives of literally billions of people living today. If you're thinking "yeah but humanity will outgrow their need for religion", then how is that less offensive than saying we'll outgrow our need to have black people or gay people or people who don't believe in God. It's like saying all of human diversity is welcome in the Star Trek future but my diversity.

As a disclaimer, I'm not taking a swing at KRAD here. I hardly feel marginalized or offended, and I'm probably taking a minor thing and blowing it out of proportion. I also realize Star Trek literature has been very friendly to religious themes in the past what with the "A Time to" series and the very Christian themes of Destiny. I also understand that Bajoran and Klingon religions are handled as metaphors of human religions and are given due respect by Star Trek. I appreciate all of that a lot, and besides I don't need my choices and beliefs constantly affirmed by everything I read. Still, for something like Star Trek where everyone makes this big crazy deal out of IDIC and all that, it seems odd to consign human religion to history's dustbin so cavalierly.

Other than that, A+ story!
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