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Re: ABC lied about LOST's 20 million viewers

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Does it factor in DVR and internet stuff? Perhaps therein lies the rub.
I think "the rub" also includes the huge dead gap from the end of the fourth season to the start of the fifth.

Unlike ye olden days, when most shows aired 24 or so episodes spread out over many months with a summer break and a return in September, the shorter Lost seasons that start in January and air without repeats results in a huge off-season.

People can't keep track of a complicated show like Lost, particularly when they are asked to wait about 9 months between seasons.

Thankfully, even low ratings won't get Lost cancelled.
All true. My statement was more taking into account how ABC almost doubled the viewership numbers in their 20 Million claim, though.

You're right about the reasons for declining viewership, I think. Also that I don't give a shit because it's ending no matter what on its own terms.

I just wonder what sources they were compiling their numbers from though. For instance, I read over at DarkUFO that there were 2 Million downloads for the premiere on BitTorrent. Probably not something ABC is bragging about, but I think it lends some legitimacy to their claim. More than the stated 11 Million pairs of eyeballs saw Lost last week.
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