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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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The Typhon Pact also isn't (necessarily) a threat. Keep in mind that they were inspired by the Federation.
This is another thing I liked about A Singular Destiny. Even though the members of the pact have often been enemies of the Federation, the book avoids portraying them and their actions as inherently bad or suspect. Which they aren't: there's nothing wrong with alliances in response to the galactic situation, as Pran points out, and the Federation doesn't have a monopoly on such things. And, dramatically speaking, the Pact will be more interesting if its members aren't aggressive mustache-twirlers. I look forward to the development of this storyline, at any rate.
Thinking about it, I agree entirely. It really isn't necessarily a force for bad. And the Federation isn't certainly all good - look at Section 31 for example. It certainly asks the question of which of the 2 alliances is 'better', or are they really that different from one another? It's a bit like the current Battlestar, since the divide between the humans and cylons has become increasingly blurred over time.

It is also relevant with the current political system on this planet, as we have a democratic system in North America, the EU etc, but it is not perfect. I still love the phrase by Churchill (not word-for-word correct, but the general idea is correct) - 'democracy is the worst system of government, apart from all others we have tried'.

I certainly foresee that the Trek universe is going in a fascinating direction, and it is in very safe hands! (So, after all these kind comments, any further hints about the upcoming books? )
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