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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

The evil of the Borg originally was that they/it was a hive mind pursuing perfection and assimilating everything because that was the proper thing to do. They didn't hate those they assimilated. Sort of like Moby Dick - impersonal, but dangerous. (Roddenberry is actually ambivalent about the Borg in the last interviews. Had to make them scary for tv, but thought some gestalt/group consciousness might be our next step, into SORG-dom (social organism).

The author of Destiny really changes the character of the Borg. Perhaps the damage was already done in First Contact. Nevertheless, in this trilogy, the Borg drones are slaves, not fully integrated, really. And, the mind/spirit guiding the whole thing is more "evil" by intent, rather than as a consequence of pursuing perfection. In fact, now they're not even pursuing the beauty of perfection; the Omega Molecule is revealed just to be an amazing power source that wil make them ever more powerful (muwahaha!). It just sort of un-cools the Borg for me and makes them/it somehow a bit more ordinary.

I DID like the non-violent resolution, for what it's worth.
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