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The Last House on the Left-remake

Don't think I've seen a thread on this yet, anyway I just watched the trailer for the remake of Wes Craven's 1972 The Last House on the Left

Wiki article for the original film

You can go see it when it comes out on March 13th, or rather don't bother and just watch the trailer instead as it tells you EVERYTHING that happens in the film

So what do horror fans think of this? IMO remakes of classic horror films can go very right (Dawn of the Dead) and just "what was the point of that?" bad with claptrap like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This kinda looks along the lines of The Hills Have Eyes remake, (which I enjoyed a lot) in that it follows pretty much the same lines and to be fair not that many have seen the original. And I presume like THHE it will be equally as brutal when it comes to what has to happen

Also I had to laugh that it's Cromartie from T:SCC after the girls
Doubt he'll be as good as David Hess in the role though

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