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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

I just finished reading this trilogy the other day. It's a very good trilogy over all, and I put it up there (but just below) the superlative Reeves-Stevens novels, Eugenics Wars and some of the excellent stand-alone novels such as Chain of Attack, Rogue Saucer, Death of a Neutron Star and some of the New Earth novels.

* I enjoyed the action throughout the various novels. Very well-written and glad to see Endgame's borg-bustin' tech followed up on.
* Dax and Riker (I haven't read any Titan novels) make good Captains, and Tuvok on Riker's crew? Pretty cool.
* The trials and adventures of Erika Hernandez and her crew were quite fascinating and compelling. I liked how she maintained her humanity and optimism throughout and ended up crucial in saving the Federation.
* I have to ask...what in the world was the point of the Troi-pregnancy-angst subplot? It really went nowhere, but thankfully, it was given a nice solution at the end, which kept it from being completely useless, IMO.
* I thought that the novel would end with the return of Janeway after her surprising death in the mostly-excellent Before Dishonour, or perhaps the Ceiliar displacing the Borg (or the entire Federation!) to another location. Liberating the Borg was pretty cool.
* Hopefully, the Federation will be rebuilt really quickly and subsequent novels will either pick up where Voyager/Nemesis left off.
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