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ABC lied about LOST's 20 million viewers

I couldn't help noticing ABC's promos for LOST, crowing that 20 million people tuned in for the season premiere. 20 million would be quite a figure for a 5th season premiere. Is it true? A quick search proved otherwise:

ABC's 'Lost' returns to record-low premiere ratings

Jan 22, 2009

Months of hype and speculation couldn't prevent ABC's "Lost" from returning to its lowest season-premiere numbers ever.

Following last year's strike-shortened cycle, the two-hour Season 5 launch of the island thriller delivered an average of 11.4 million total viewers, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. In adults ages 18 to 49, "Lost" averaged a 5.0 rating, its worst season opener ever and down a big 26% compared with last year. In maybe the most troubling sign for ABC, the premiere lost viewers every half-hour it was on.

So how did ABC come up with 20 million? Perhaps they used some questionable arithmetic. Maybe they came up with 20 million by adding the totals of the three hours of Jan 21.


X would be the total audience for the 8 PM special.
Y would be the total audience for the 9 PM hour.
Z would be the total audience for the 10 PM hour.

X + Y + Z = 20 million

Is this how ABC computed 20 million? By counting the same people three times? Those rascals!
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