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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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I particularly like the gul's musings on the Federation and the perceived hypocrisy. While I do not agree with her I can see how she would get the impression that the Federation hides behind a dubious moral code.

One of the most fascinating parts of your work is the alien/Cardassian perspective with which you tell your story. I guess sometimes I would prefer for those thoughts to be voiced in dialog instead but I certainly appreciate that these guys don't have the time for philosopical conversations right now. There'll be plenty of time for that later.

Good stuff.
Thanks for reading!

Yeah, this was not the time for them to actually HAVE that discussion--not only would it take time, but Rebek couldn't afford to stir things up when she needs these people to cooperate.

The thing is for me...I think sometimes the Federation IS hypocritical. And that incident with Bajor--at least as portrayed in the Terok Nor novels (which I do somewhat accept into my canon) was indeed an example, to me. To stand there and just let that happen, knowing full well what was going on, and then have the temerity to complain later when it became convenient...whoever made THAT decision has a lot to answer for.

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When is the next thrilling adventure of the Thirteenth Order arriving on our screens?
Not sure, but probably in a couple of weeks. Depends on how much time I'm able to spend writing!
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