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Re: Lost 5x03: "Jughead"

Hmm, Widmore is a former Other. Yet his orders to Keamy were to kill every single person on the Island after Ben was retrieved. He's willing to kill all his former people? To kill Alpert? To kill Jacob, if that's possible? He must have had a very unpleasant expulsion from them. Does he hate Ben just because he's the current leader of the Others, or because Ben personally exiled him? This seems unlikely since Ben didn't become the leader until 1992 with the Purge and obviously Widmore was off-Island way prior to that to father Penny and found his company. Of course, he might have just been working off-Island for the Others before that and then finally Ben didn't let him come back home. Then again, he keeps declaring its "his" Island... does he feel he should be the leader and not Ben? Did Ben beat him out in a struggle to be the leader?
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