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Re: Lost 5x03: "Jughead"

I don't really care one way or the other if Charlotte lives, I never gelled to her character. They never really gave her anything to do and she always gave off a sinister vibe. The first interesting thing they did with her was revealing she born on the Island in the S4 finale. I seem to recall reading awhile ago she wouldn't be a full cast member this year unlike Faraday and Miles but I guess that isn't true.

Oh man, that's right Alan Dale was that General in Crystal Skull! That's funny.

So this means the Others were the one obsessed with chopping people's hands off. How come they don't do that in the present era anymore?

Also, how the hell did the US Army stumble across the Island in the first place? If they're just using it for a nuke test doesn't that suggest that it's just another typical Island at this point and not cloaked? Does it become first cloaked because of this invasion? Is this why Widmore/Eloise must turn the donkey wheel? Remember when Dharma finds it in the 1970s it would have been 20 years after it was used, plenty of time to freeze over again. Or if the Island was cloaked in 1954, maybe they used the Black Rock Diary to find it?
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