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Re: Lost 5x03: "Jughead"

Here's a crazy thought. Maybe Widmore and Eloise are a couple and will give birth to Daniel Faraday. Widmore is Faraday's father! This would explain his interest in Dan and also why he knows where Eloise is now.

Let's say that Eloise was already pregnant in this episode, in 1954. This would suggest that the Faraday we saw in the 70s in the Orchid is on his original timeline and then he time-travelled to circa 2000 when we meet him then.

However, Charlotte's bad condition appears to be because she was born on the Island we learned in the S4 Finale. This would mean Faraday was NOT born on the Island. Maybe Eloise and Widmore were exiled at the same time and conceived Faraday off-Island?
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