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Re: Lost 5x03: "Jughead"

3.5/4 Excellent episode with a lot of answers!

I'm fascinated that we're learning about a new era of the Island. In 1954 the US Army invaded the Island to test an H-Bomb and went to war with the Others. Great stuff! AND we met a young Charles Widmore (Other) and Faraday's mother when she was young.

How do I know this? In the pop-up info for the rerun of "The Lie", it said her name is ELOISE Hawking. What was the name of the British Other who guarded Faraday who he found so familiar? ELLIE. Fascinating.

I'm thinking that either Eloise or Widmore had to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel to escape the US Army and thusly got exiled from the Island and are seeking a way back.

Desmond and Penny had a kid?! Woah. And they named him Charlie! I love it. I was shocked when Des went right into see Widmore- are you insane?! But shockingly Widmore actually helps him. Interesting.

We also finally got direct confirmation that Miles talks with the dead.

What happened to Faraday's time-unstuck girl? Did he perform a time travel experiment on her that unstuck her in time? She seems to have the same condition Des had in "The Constant", exchanging her consciousness with herself at different times. Someone needs to find her Constant.

Why does Widmore's uniform say Jones? I guess the Others just started stealing Army uniforms to wear and his was from Jones. Nice misdirect.

So have we actually seen any US Army soldiers yet? Or have they all been Others wearing the stolen uniforms?

Notice that Juliet said Latin is "the language of the Enlightened"? Is this a general description of Latin or have we finally learned what the Others call themselves?
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