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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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All I can do at this point is shake my head and laugh. Obviously, it's Quesada's mission in life for nuMarvel to beat out nuBSG and All-Star Batman as the most juvenile kewlness on the planet.

What's the problem with that in funnybooks?

The problem, for one thing, is that even though comics are still considered a children's medium, the average age of the readers is older than it used to be (which is not entirely a good thing); so the audience should be looking for more sophisticated content. Personally, I barely bother with Marvel anymore. Secondly, it used to be that the creators behind the books were mature adults who, even if they created stories that were accessible to younger readers, wrote on a level that adults could appreciate and kids could reach for. The current crop under Joe Quesada seem like they've graduated from keying cars and spray-painting graffiti on houses to destroying the creations of greater talents who came before them. They not only lack talent and/or skill, they lack respect.
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