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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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How much shit is Carol going to get from the rest of the new Averngers when she shows up with her tail between her legs at Bucky's pad?

"Sorry for spending the last 6 months hunting y'all like dogs."
The way Marvel's going at the moment, I'd give it five minutes before she and a male New Avenger act upon their long-unspoken lust for each other and all is forgiven.

Look how quickly She-Hulk went from boffing Stark to beating the crap outta him (before getting a dose of S.P.I.N. tech...)

And, yeah, I know... it's She-Hulk... but c'mon. Clint Barton's only been restored to life for... how long? And he's had more tail than I've gotten in 10 years. These characters are horn-dogs.
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