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Re: Elizabeth Mitchell: Genre babe of the week #5 (Jan. 2009)

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^The girls have got their own threads. Besides, I don't think there's a problem with celebrating the beauty of women as long as we don't start calling women "ugly" because they're aren't 100% perfect.
[kevin]It's not "would you do her?", it's "is she hot?"[/kevin]
Really though, she's just not that attractive, and there's something about that goofy grin that is seriously unsettling. Trying to call her a 'genre babe of the week' seems a little bit of a stretch when the average Stargate episode has two random villagers that look better than her.

52% of people give this woman the thumbs up, what in god's name would it take them to vote even 'sideways'? It reminds me of the people calling Enterprise and Voyager 'Excellent' each week no matter how horrible the episode was.
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