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Re: Elizabeth Mitchell: Genre babe of the week #5 (Jan. 2009)

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^ A lot of people here are unable to separate the character from the actress when voting. Just ask Kristen Kreuk. When Elisha Cuthbert was a GBOW, someone even commented "Stupid Kim" with his thumbs down vote.
I can see past the character, but I don't vote just on looks. I don't particularly like Kristin Kreuk very much, especially not as an actress so I would vote thumbs down for her. That's not to say I don't think she's a beautiful woman.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Mitchell here perhaps isn't as conventionally physically attractive as, say, Kreuk or Cuthbert but I like her more because I like her as a person and as an actress.

I fully appreciate that I'm probably a bit unusual here. I'm one of the few who gave Parker Posey an unreserved thumbs up (I love her, I want to marry her and buy her nice things). My kind of women are people like Posey, Kari Byron, Cali Lewis, Veronica Belmont etc.
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