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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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I'm really surprised to see this much love for someone I think of as a minor character. I guess she's been more in the spotlight since I stopped reading, shortly after she got de-Binaryed.

But Even I think this stunt is bogus.

Shooter predicted years ago that one day the corporations that own the comic companies would one day realize that the don't need to print comics in order to use the characters for movies.
The heroes returned Avengers from 96ish? Carol was losing her powers and fell off the wagon and Tony freaking Stark talked her down from heroing while pissed?

Alcoholics, they just get so preachy after they think they've fixed themselves.

Name once Spidey has had a nip of courage before he'd go out to clobber Kraven?

Carol and Tony should have failed their registration exams.
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