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Re: The Delta Force VS The Uncanny X-Men

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Delta Force wouldn't stand a chance. Xavier could telepathically take over their minds and turn them on one another. Jean Grey could telekinetically stop their hearts and deflect their bullets. Iceman could freeze their guns. Nightcrawler would *bamf* around knocking the Deltas out before they could even aim. Colossus is bulletproof and would smack their asses. and that's without Cylcops' optic blasts and the omnipresent Wolverine shish-kebabing them
Yeah but them x-mans sent away for them thar mutant powers from the backs of serial boxes, ovaltines, chocolate milk containers, & inside Cracker Jack boxes.

Guess they did that whilst being kids in Professor Ecks' basement.

Them x-mans up against CHUCK NORRIS with weapons & abilities gotten through the mail! He can't lose?

Raises 'nother question. Why Professor Ecks keeping children locked up in his basement in that Westchester mansion of his? Effing weird And sick too

Granted them x-mans be grown ups now, but before that the good Professor had'em locked up in that thar castle of his for yars & yars!

Me thinks Professor Ecks probably one of them pedophiles yes

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