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Re: Jan. Challenge--Exits in the Haze (PG-13)

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I would say that this story represents just why Dukat is such a compelling character. He can go from Perfect, Guerrilla, leader of the Union to Madman and still steal the show. AU Dukat is a man with the same pride, Intelligence and sense of duty that we see in all Cardassians(with the obvious exception of the traitor Broca) the difference is that he is now the victim rather than the oppressor which makes for an interesting dynamic.

I still cannot see the Cardassians as the conquered subjects, it seems to go against the existing order somewhat.
Thank you very much for reading! It's a very weird and unsettling scenario, I know, but the Cardassians are somewhat different in this universe. They're very religious, by and large, with something of a mystical bent (and I intend to show that side more in another story, where I intend to bring in another character you've seen on the series, but under VERY different circumstances).

The odd thing about AU Dukat is this, when you compare him to CU Dukat--ask yourself the question, what is real, true strength? Could it be that this Dukat, even with the fresh wounds of so much suffering, is stronger now than the CU Dukat ever was?

(I must admit that i always root for the Cardies,especially after the Klingon's attacked them!)
I know the feeling!

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Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post

Glad to know at least one guy read it and got something out of it.
Humph! I didn't know I was capable of ovulating!
I'm sorry!!

Every time I see your name, it reminds me of the author Gabriela Mistral, so I guess somewhere I got a wire crossed.
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