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Just read all the stories - wonderful little scenes. What I enjoy about your writing is also what I like about LA Graf's novels (and it's wonderful that you've taken their depiction of Sulu, he's a much more rounded character than Sulu usually gets to be) - and that's the description of the every-day life.

With created universes like Trek what really makes it work for me is the description of what happens in the down-time, when the crew aren't saving the universe. You write those moments - and I love it!
Thanks so much! Yes, I really like L.A. Graf novels too, mostly. There's a heavy Chekov lean, but mostly the characters are treated as being more like being living and breathing people than the rest of the authors manage.
Oooohh! What you said! Don't let that get back to Dayton Ward! He's got a tongue like a razor!
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