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The Delta Force VS The Uncanny X-Men

Who wins?

Most will say immediately:

Don't be so sure. Why? Explain soon enough

My pick to win is The Delta Force. This is the DF from the 1986 movie, NOT the real one, & there is a real DF in the US Military.

Back to core topic:
The reason Lee Marvin & Chuck Norris's ersatz Delta Force would whip the arses into next century out of the X-Men is they're rooted, more rooted, in reality.

The DF whooped alot of al-Qaeda-like arse bigtime. Them baddies Marvin & Norris took on could be genuine real-world villains.

Now'bout them thar canny x-mans from up in them thar hills? Them x-man's fight villainy who put computer chips in people's heads & engage in convoluted world, if not universe dominating plots that would make KAOS, Vincent Ludwig & Stefano diMera with envy.

Them thar canny x-mans yet'fight baddies who've committed a real crime!

Special mutant powers shmutant powers. Chuck Norris & Lee Marvin's Delta Force would tear them x-man's many a new derriere

Sy Klops be aimin his secret decoder ring bifocaled raygun at Lee Marvin. Then “BOOM!” from Lee. Good bye Mr. Klops

Will Vereen sneaks up on Chuck Norris with them fancy Travis Bickle-ish hand weapons. “POW! BASH! BONK!”, Mr. Vereen now seeing stars & birds forever

Then them thar other canny x-mans get all yellow & scram back up into them thar hills to hide in Professor Ecks's basement.

Did them x-mans get their magic powers by filling out & mailing in a special offer on the back of a cereal box?

Would a been better off sending in for the Red Ryder BB gun. But then them x-mans end up shootin their eyes out

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